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Comprehensive Gynecological & Obstetrical Care
Quality, convenient care from the providers who know you best.

Obstetrics & Pregnancy Care

From the twinkle in your eye to the baby in your arms, we’re here for you. With professional, trained, friendly and experienced providers, our obstetrics and pregnancy care services are second to none. Here are some of the comprehensive obstetrical services available to our patients. 

Our expert obtetricians proudly deliver at both St. Thomas Midtown Hospital and Centennial Women's Hospital.

Low Risk Pregnancies

All women, even those expecting a normal pregnancy and delivery, need prenatal care. Throughout low risk prenatal care, mom and baby are carefully monitored to make sure all is well. Typically, you and baby will have checks each month up to week 28, twice monthly during weeks 28 to 36, then weekly from week 36 to birth. The checks are routine, designed to catch and solve problems immediately, answer any concerns or questions you have, and prepare for the birth. 

High Risk Pregnancies

High risk prenatal care is given to women with a higher risk of complications during birth and delivery. This does not mean problems will occur, just that there is more chance so extra care is taken. Risk factors may include:

  • Previous problems, such as recurrent miscarriage.
  • Twins, or another multiple gestation.
  • Very young women, or those who are older.
  • Other health concerns such as hypertension, autoimmune disorders, HIV or diabetes.
  • Those who are very over- or underweight.
  • When there is a risk of preterm labor.

You may need more frequent or additional checkups to make sure all is progressing well. For example, our providers may suggest an amniocentesis to some women in their second trimester. High risk prenatal care looks after you emotionally as well as physically, to help you stay healthy and enjoy your pregnancy.

OB Exams

OB exams are a natural and necessary part of your obstetrics and pregnancy care, tracking your health and that of your growing baby. You’ll receive physical checks such as your first pelvic exam to determine the size of your uterus and gestational age of your baby. We’ll listen to baby’s heart beat, check your urine sample for glucose and proteins, and perform routine checks of your blood pressure and overall health. 

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy care doesn’t start with conception and end with delivery, although that period is naturally when most things are happening. As well as full care during pregnancy, we also offer preconception care and ongoing checks and contact following birth. We can offer genetic screening both before and following conception, providing information and reassurance right at the very start of your parenthood journey. 

Delivery of Baby

From fetal monitoring/non-stress testing to pain relief and a reassuring voice, our Nashville OBGYN team has the experience, training and qualifications to bring your baby safely into the world. Your progress, and that of your baby, is monitored at every stage of labor so we know what’s happening and, just as important, so do you.

Postpartum Care

Following the birth of your baby, postpartum care is all part of our Nashville obstetrics service. This important check takes place around six weeks after birth. Your cervix and uterus are checked, as well as your weight and blood pressure. As well as taking care of your physical health, it’s a good time for you to raise any concerns you may have about how you’re feeling, coping with or caring for your new baby. Pregnancy and birth cause many changes in the body, and women frequently worry about such things as breast feeding, intimacy with a partner, or how to regain muscle tone.

In Office Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds are important checks and milestones during pregnancy, and we’re pleased to offer these important services in office. The standard first and second trimester ultrasound scans reveal important information. In the first trimester, the scan can confirm pregnancy and help figure out your due date so we can accurately track milestones along the way. In the second trimester, an comprehensive anatomy scan will evaluate the development of your baby's heart, brain, and other organs. If needed in the third trimester, the ultrasound can show up low levels of amniotic fluid or other potential problems as well as reassurance that baby is doing well. Performed in our own offices, an ultrasound test is convenient and comfortable.

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