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Comprehensive Gynecological & Obstetrical Care
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Surgical Procedures

We seek to provide the highest level of gynecologic care to women in and around the Nashville Area. In addition to offering a full range of gynecology services, we are specially trained in many state-of-the-art surgical procedures. We specialize in advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery and offer minimally invasive surgery whenever possible. Where it is not possible to offer laparoscopic surgery, we are able to undertake surgical procedures using traditional methods.


Hysterectomy may be performed traditionally when, for instance, the uterus is too large to remove laparoscopically.

Fibroid Management

Depending on the location, size, or type of fibroid you may be offered traditional surgery in an open myomectomy. The incision in this procedure is similar to that used to perform a cesarean section.

Emdometriosis Management

When endometriosis is extensive, it may not be possible to perform the procedure via laparoscopy so traditional methods of surgery will be offered instead.

Conization of the Cervix

A cone biopsy takes a cone-shaped piece of tissue from high in the cervical canal and is used to diagnose cervical tissue abnormalities. The procedure may be performed under regional or general anesthesia, and is often an outpatient operation.

LEEP or LLETZ Procedure

This procedure can also be used to sample tissue from the cervix. It may also be used to diagnose cancer or to further analyze the results of a Pap test.

Management of Early Pregnancy Loss

Early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, is traumatic, and usually needs some medical intervention and care. We approach each instance with empathy and concern, offering all management options that are available and suitable. Our aim is to help you understand what happened as well as treat the immediate medical needs.

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